Membership and personal training

At Absolutely Flabless, we want to make you feel good. And we believe that a great way to make you feel good is to help you look after your health and wellness!

We know you’re busy so that’s why we make it super easy for you to squeeze in work out by offering:

Flexible Memberships From Just $11.95 a Week.

You’ll get access to the state of the art work out equipment with memberships starting from just $11.95* a week, that’s value to make you feel absolutely fabulous. Check out our full range of memberships.

  • Pensioner / Senior Rates
  • Family Rates
  • Corporate Rates
  • Individual Rate
  • Personal Training memberships
  • Group memberships

Personal Training – What can a Personal trainer do for you

Personal training is the guaranteed way to get results more rapidly.personal-training-offer

  • They’ll keep you motivated
  • They’ll improve your technical skills
  • They’ll ensure every workout counts
  • They’ll introduce new equipment and teach you new exercises

We recommend out Personal Training service to all members to help motivate and stay motivated in order to achieve results fast.

We have an induction offer of 3 PT for $99 which you can take advantage of this when you start with us to help you get on the right track to living a healthy lifestyle or even to get that bit more of a push in your workouts.

Health & fitness benefits of Personal Training:

  • Exercise is enjoyable and rewarding – hard to believe but we make sure you have fun & get great results!
  • Diets don’t work – but a common sense nutrition plan matched to your goals and body type will!
  • Train smarter not harder -there are no short cuts in life but we’ll maximize your training time and effort!
  • Persistence wins the day -you don’t need to be flashy – just consistent – to achieve long term success!
  • Learn proper techniqueit’s amazing how many bad techniques I see, they are injuries and imbalances waiting to happen!

Personal training with Absolutely Flabless is the best way to achieve your health and fitness goals. Get started on a health and fitness program today with Absolutely Flabless and you’ll be feeling alive in no time at all !


Classes Available at Absolutely Flabless

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